Chef Tony Brings You the Tastes of the Mediterranean

We hope you all had a great week so far and stayed dry during the rain.

Chef Tony is a native of the island Lesvos, Greece. He brings his 30 plus years of expertise to Central Florida. When Chef Tony arrived to Seminole County, he noticed a craving for Greek food in the area and so he was inspired to open Zorba’s Restaurant in downtown Sanford.

While he cannot bring the majestic views of Mediterranean mountains covered in olive trees, he can satisfy your craving for Greek cuisine.

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Choose Zorba’s for Special Events!

Come out of the heat and cool off with refreshing beverages and delectable Greek appetizers and entrees made only with the freshest ingredients. We also have plenty of mouth-watering chef specials that are sure to satisfy.

If you need a space for an event or party, ask about our banquet room availability! The banquet room is equipped with a private atmosphere, and when paired with our attentive staff and quality dishes, it offers the perfect location for any, party, celebration, corporate event, holiday.

115 East First St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Veggie Starter | (407) 915-6082

Come in and try our veggie starter that will become your new favorite dish. Traditional Greek Kolokithokeftedes are a popular dish found in most of the islands in Greece. If you ever had this popular dish before you would have been impressed with their flavorful texture! Ours also comes with home made fries (and salad & bread).

115 East First St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Don’t Forget We Are Closed Today | (407) 915-6082

We’re closed today but we’ll be happy to have you come in tomorrow and enjoy our fresh, Greek food!

We are a wholesome food restaurant and everything we make is fresh. There is nothing processed and this includes our seafood! Come try our Shrimp Athenian; a delicious mix of fresh, sauteed shrimp in garlic butter & white wine with feta cheese and tomatoes. All served over linguine.

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Greek Salad | (407) 915-6082

Now that summer has begun, the weather is hot in Central Florida. With all the heavy fast foods, sometimes you want something crisp and refreshing (an addition to a crisp beverage).

In addition to all of our amazing, delicious Italian & Greek entrees, we also have our Antipasto salad; fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, Genoa salami, turkey, & mozzarella cheese with our home made Greek dressing.

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Go Greek | (407) 915-6082

Come in and try all your favorite Greek meals and appetizers including Kalamaria Tiganita, fried whole, with tentacles. We also have it grilled!

As you know we are a wholesome food restaurant and only use the freshest ingredients. So you know our seafood will be fresh. We call downtown, historic Sanford home!

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Try Our Avgolemono Soup! | (407) 915-6082

It might still be hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy soup. Nothing hits the spot, no matter what temperature, like a bowl of homemade soup. Here at Zorba’s it’s our AVGOLEMONO soup.

Perfectly cooked Greek chicken and tender orzo with just a hint of lemon. Who can go wrong with YiaYia’s recipe? We are so excited to be open in the beautiful & historic downtown Sanford! We look forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones in Seminole County.

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The Legendary Dish

We are closed today but will be back open tomorrow!

This Greek dish is a legend. Our Moussaka is creamy, juicy, and absolutely delicious. Traditionally, it has luscious layers of minced beef and then cooked in our fresh, never processed, tomato based sauce. If that wasn’t enough, it is then layered in sweet eggplants and creamy bechamel sauce and baked until golden brown. It is simply irresistible.

Ours is served with salad and fresh baked bread! We look forward to seeing you.

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Greek Cuisine

Once you’ve had our Greek dinners, now it’s time for dessert. Not only is it a mouthful to say, but it’s a tasty dessert. Galaktoboureko is a divine combination of creamy custard and flaky phyllo dough that is baked to golden perfection then drenched with a lemon and orange infused syrup. You won’t be able to stop after one bite!

If you need a space for a party or gathering, why not use our wonderful banquet room?

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