Come in Today and Let us Show You Why We’re the Best Greek Restaurant in Sanford and Seminole County | (407) 915-6082

We have an amazing chef special this week: a two and a half pound snapper! Fresh caught of course.

Come in today and let us show you why we’re the best Greek restaurant in Sanford and Seminole County.

Plus, this Saturday we have BalaChandra Belly Dancing. | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Don’t Have Plans This Saturday? | (407) 915-6082

We’re open for our new Sanford friends and all of our old Volusia friends.

We have everything from gyros to apps to full entrees. Come out and see our new place in the beautiful and historic downtown Sanford!

Bala Chandra Belly Dancing will be here on Saturday! | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

We’ll Be Back Open Tomorrow | (407) 915-6082

It’s Monday so we’re closed but we’ll be back open tomorrow. So when you think Greek, think Zorbas Greek food in downtown Sanford. Our dinners are delicious, but don’t forget about our delicious Baklava or our Rice Pudding.

We are so happy to be named best Greek restaurant in Seminole County and in Sanford. Thank you all so much for helping us.

Kali Orexi! | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Come Out Tomorrow | (407) 915-6082

In case you haven’t heard, we are honored to be named the BEST GREEK restaurant in SEMINOLE COUNTY! Thank you to all of our guests we’ve had over the years. We love being in downtown Sanford and look forward to being there for many years to come.

We couldn’t have done this without all of you. Thank you so much.

And come out tomorrow for our amazing belly dancers: BalaChandra Belly Dancing, starting at 6:30. | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Try Our Tasty Dolmathes! | (407) 915-6082

Bala Chandra Belly Dance will be here this Saturday evening!

Once a week, go Greek! Start out with our Mezethakia or Greek Appetizers. A great way to sample our Greek cuisine is by tasting our Dolmathes: rolled grape leaves seasoned, stuffed with rice then served with feta and pita bread. You can pair that with our Melitzanes Tiganites or with two others like our Peperies Psites. | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Come and Try Our Chef Specials! | (407) 915-6082

We’re closed today but we’ll be open tomorrow and look forward to seeing you! We have plenty of chef specials including our lamb chops!

This Saturday August 27th we are so happy to bring back the BalaChandra Belly Dance group to Zorbas. We’ve had many events at Zorbas lately and we are so excited to bring these amazing talented women to Zorbas for you enterntainment. | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Don’t Forget Tomorrow Is the Night! | (407) 915-6082

Coming to Zorbas this Saturday: Bala Chandra Belly Dancers! Call us for more information.

The weather is getting warmer. With all the heavy fast foods, sometimes you want something crisp and refreshing (an addition to a crisp beverage). In addition to all of our amazing, delicious Italian & Greek entrees, we also have our Antipasto salad; fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, Genoa salami, turkey, & mozzarella cheese with our home made Greek dressing. | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |

Come Try Our Shrimp Athenian | (407) 915-6082

We are a wholesome food restaurant and everything we make is fresh. There is nothing processed and this includes our seafood! Come try our Shrimp Athenian; a delicious mix of fresh, sauteed shrimp in garlic butter & white wine with feta cheese and tomatoes. All served over linguine.

Plus, BalaChandra Belly Dance will be back this Saturday with sets starting at 6:30! | 115 East First, St., Sanford, FL | (407) 915-6082 | |