Our Menu | Zorba’s Greek Food

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Our Menu | Zorba’s Greek Food – Sanford Florida

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We are a wholesome food restaurant. Our restraurant doesn’t purchase or engage in processed foods. Our Greek Chef believes in the standard to be ‘either make it in our kitchen or purchase it unprocessed’. From fresh fish to olive oil that has olives that come directly to us from Greece.  We strive to ensure you receive only high quality ingredients in any meal you order from us.  Our wait staff is willing to make certain any dietary issue is addressed when you share it with us. Chef Tony may even visit your table to make extra certain your food is prepared to meet your dietary needs. So, just mention it to us – Gluten Free – no problem, Sugar Free – no problem and so on – no problem. Now that you are aware of our high quality standards, Chef Tony and the entire Zorba’s Greek Food Team in Downtown Sanford Florida hope you enjoy our fine Greek cuisine!

Just remember ‘Once A Week Eat Greek!’

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One of the Best Greek Food Places in Sanford Florida

Our Menu at Zorba’s Greek Food Restruarant is where you need to go for amazing Greek Food! We provide high-quality dinners and lunches for visitors, tourists, and of course our local residents here in Central Florida.

We are grateful for each and every customer, here is what they are saying about us…


Dana F. from Orlando, FL – Yelp Review – Another Zorba’s Greek Food 5 Star Rating

“Yum! My boyfriend and I had a lovely meal here. We grabbed a seat outside and met our awesome server, Gina. She was prompt and super friendly! We loved her enthusiasm about the menu. She recommended the Greek pizza and gave us some idea of the specials. We ended up ordering the pizza and the Greek Sampler (Dolmas, Pastitsio, Moussaka, Gyro meat and a dollop of Tzasiki sauce) to share. Everything was delicious! I really enjoyed the Pastitsio and Moussaka – the ground beef was seasoned perfectly. All in all, our meal was excellent and the service was great. Coupled with a little outdoor dining – it was the perfect spot for a Friday night date!”

Lisa C. from Leesburg, Florida – Yelp Review – Another Zorba’s Greek Food 5 Star Rating

“If we invited God to dinner, this is what we would serve!” Exclaimed my husband after experiencing the carryout we brought him from Zorba’s Greek restaurant in Sanford, Florida.  My children, extended family, and I have been raised with (and my loved ones exposed to) a great appreciation for real, authentic Greek cuisine. My Popouli and Yaya immigrated from Greece in the early 20th century. My uncles and second cousins opened restaurants in Winterhaven, and the New York and Chicago areas. “Zorba’s,” in Sanford, Florida is absolutely second to none! The service is perfect. The atmosphere is authentic. The food is Heavenly! 

We ordered the Greek Sampler (healthy portions of: Pastichio, Moussaka, Dolmathes, Gyro Meat with Tzatsiki sauce, Homemade Bread Rolls with dip, and well dressed Salad) for my son AND as take-out for my husband. Absolute satisfaction for the palate beyond words!!! “Kalí órexi!”

Tamera Meredith – Google Review – Another Zorba’s Greek Food 5 Star Rating

“Ate at Zorbas for the first time today. The service was excellent and the food was amazing. Would definitely recommend Zorbas!”

Ruth Sands – Google Review – Another Zorba’s Greek Food 5 Star Rating

“Amazing food, attentive staff, great pricing! We love the atmosphere (family setting) and the portions are large. We always have take home box for later! Two thumbs way up!”